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We support transformative change in formal and informal learning environments — schools and classrooms, companies, community organizations, and at home — by producing a deep and diverse library of relevant, insightful, high-quality audio programming for educators of all roles. Our content is thoughtfully created and curated to form a centralized hub that helps listeners become their best selves at work and in life.


Catalyze a collaborative community of creators, partners, and listeners who rally around the common goal to make meaningful change and enhance one another’s efforts and impact.

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  • Building Connection Through Podcasting w/ Dave Jackson
    on May 18, 2024

    How do you launch a successful podcast and communicate with your listeners?Meet Dave Jackson!Dave Jackson started experimenting with audio on the Internet in […]

  • The One Thing You Need to Accomplish Any Goal
    on May 17, 2024

    This podcast episode comes from a workshop I did, The One Thing You Need to Know to Accomplish Any Goal. This episode will help you meet any personal or […]

  • The Principal 2.0 with Michael Fullan
    on May 17, 2024

    Michael Fullan, the internationally known authority on educational leadership and proponent of whole system reform, joins us for this episode. No doubt, many […]

  • Love Yourself!!! - CANDICE NOSS
    on May 17, 2024

    Candace Nass, a physical therapist, wellness coach, disciple of Christ, and mother of six, shares her journey of self-discovery and the importance of loving […]

  • How to Deal with Not Meeting Your Goals as a Teacher
    on May 16, 2024

    Do you find yourself frustrated when your students don't achieve the growth you had hoped for? Do you wish you could stop feeling so frustrated when you don't […]

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    Get to know our Sponsors

    Get to know our Sponsors

    Connect with podcasts designed for you

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